Wilmersdorf and Spandau Grill Boat Adventures



Earlier this week I went to meet a friend in his neighborhood, Wilmersdorf. He showed me around his Kiez, or 'hood. We went to a traditionally Bayerisch (read: southern german style) German restaurant called Tegernsee Tönnchen that he claimed had some truly delicious beer. He was correct! 

We ordered "zwei mal Helles" which is short for "two of the light beer" and enjoyed the refreshing Lager-style beer out of a ceramic Stein. Next came our dinner, which is probably still fueling my body several days later... But absolutely scrumptious. What is also fun about this joint, is that it has a Kegelbahn, or nine-pin alley, in the basement (I mistakenly translated Kegeln as bowling for years, but Kegeln is actually played with nine pins [instead of 10] and a bowling ball that doesn't have the finger holes - you learn something new everyday!).



Just yesterday we went on a Grill-boot Adventure in Spandau, not far from Berlin. While Spandau is technically part of Berlin, it used to be its own entity, so Berliners say they are going "nach Spandau" and the residents of Spandau say they are going "nach Berlin". 


As an early birthday celebration for my cousin, Ben, we all met in Spandau near the Havel river which connects the Tegelsee lake and Spree river. We packed in drinks and prepared food, and meat/veggies for grilling. A man prepared our grill with charcoal and helped us push off from a little dock - and off we were!


We drove around a bit before settling on a good place to anchor. By that time the coals were perfect for grilling and we started to throw some yummy chicken, steaks, and hamburgers, as well as some yummy foil-wrapped zucchini on the grill. Drinks were served and it was a really wonderful, and relaxing way to spend the afternoon in the sun!