Viktoria Park

Last weekend I went on a mission to visit Viktoria Park. I had seen this park while driving through Kreuzberg en route to another distination - so I made a note so that I wouldn't forget to circle back to it. 

Viktoria Park is one of those places that could easily be missed in Kreuzberg. It is just a couple blocks off of a busy, main boulevard - one wouldn't assume that there was a park like this in the area. 

Half-way up the hill, you can cross over the waterfall on a little bridge.

The main entrance allows you to look up a waterfall that runs down the hillside. There are many paths, some small paved roadways, little flower gardens, and even a maintenance area along the way as you wind your way to the top of the park. While the waterfall looks lovely and quite convincing, it is actually modeled off of one in the mountains between Czech Republic and Poland and is powered by a pump. 

Surprisingly, this hill used to be used for growing wine grapes back in the 18th century! Later, the monument pictured was erected to commemorate a victory over Napoleon Bonaparte and the liberation of Europe from the French.

Once you reach the top of the pathway, you can look back down on Berlin for an enormous distance!


The view from this hill is absolutely amazing - even on a rather grey day. I'd imagine that you could spend the whole day here. There is a little cafe behind the monument (closed when I was there since it was a Sunday), many little gardens, a small sports court, and countless benches peppered throughout the park.

Just look at this adorable and highly organized maintainace area off of one of the park paths!

The view to the back-side of Viktoria Park.

If you are needing a break from the hustle-and-bustle of Kreuzberg, head to Viktoria Park for a little respite!