Brunching in Berlin

Make as much fun of millenials as you like, but everyone likes a good brunch. Every city has its hidden or famous brunch spots that make for a great start to any weekend. It’s crucial to have some solid bruch options in your back pocket for a spontaneous meet up with friends or to make recommendations for out-of-towners when they come visit.

I’ve visited a few fun brunch joints during my last stint in Berlin that you can read about in my Berlin Foodie post here. But I recently discovered a true gem that may just have topped my personal favorite list: Zimt&Zucker Berlin*.

Just a note: Zimt&Zucker has two locations. I frequent the Potsdammer Straße location out of convenience and have never been to the Schiffbauerdamm location, although I’m sure it is just as wonderful!
Source:  Zimt&Zucker

Source: Zimt&Zucker

Zimt&Zucker: First Impression

Charming and cozy, this place is a great escape for a couple hours to enjoy good conversation over a delectable breakfast.


This restuarant is impeccably decorated with timeless vintage peices that really set the mood when one walks in the door. From the wooden tables and book cases, to the velvet-covered chairs, everything is mixed-and-matched to perfection. Just the chandeliers alone are remarkable!


The Food

The menu has something to satiate any desire - including vegetarians and vegans! Each breakfast option has variations on a theme that make you feel like you’re getting exactly what you’d like. And if you want something truly custom, then order off of their ala carte menu!

the drinks


In addition to the classic coffee drinks, non-alcoholic beverages and a solid wine, beer & spirits list, Zimt&Zucker offers some ridiculously creative and refreshing teas and juices made fresh in-house. The special when I last visited was a watermelon basil lemonade that arrived looking like a work of art and tasting delicious, too.


Art by local artists decorate the walls and the cafe boasts a great calendar of monthly events. Whether you are looking to expose yourself to the local art scene, or you’d like to learn more about literature, burlesque or cuisine, check their list of upcoming events. Many of their events are free, but some require a ticket to support the artists.

The Patrons

One of my favorite things about this joint is that the patrons are super eclectic. A range from young millenials to regulars in their 80s, or your average Joe to grungy artist-types frequent this cafe and for obvious reasons - it is welcoming and the staff is respectfully attentive to their guests needs. If you’re lucky, you might catch a sweet gentlemen, who comes to quitely do character studies of other cafe patrons over a cup of coffee.


All in all, I can say a trip to Zimt&Zucker is worth it every. singly. time. You’re welcome!