Barfly: a musical exploration of Berlin's nightlight

Okay, nightlife aficionados, this one's for you!

Barfly with Meryem Celik

Once a month (until December), radio personality, Meryem Celik, takes listeners on a virtual tour through Berlin with her show Barfly. She highlights the newest or hottest bars, interviews industry leaders in brewing and distilling, and talks with bartenders as they whip up their cocktail of the month.

House of Broadcasting

The show takes place in the Radioeins Dachlounge, a roof-top lounge on the 14th floor of the Haus des Rundfunkor house of broadcasting, which incorporates TV, radio, and an online media center for Berlin and the state of Brandenburg. This building is actually the oldest self-contained broadcasting house in the world!

Dachlounge | Roof Top Lounge

This venue is pretty awesome: It includes a stage with sound and lighting, a full bar, a snack bar that features pop-up restaurants, and a roof-top seating area with additional bar. 

Meyrem and her team do a great job of bringing a red thread through the show - she introduces each bartender, distiller, brewer, or bar owner, does a short interview, and then lets them choose a fitting song to play in between segments. 

The show is also interactive. The audience gets to try the featured cocktails and spirits as the show takes place. Sometimes audience members even get pulled on stage to give their feedback.

The view from the roof-top bar is pretty spectacular with the glittery lights from the city. It's also a great place to come cool off or escape the volume in the main bar. A word to the wise: just remember to save your seat somehow - there are "vultures" circling the tables trying to figure out if you might be leaving soon!