Okay, time to play catch up, because I've been seriously neglecting my Berlin updates!


Last week I took a trip to Potsdam with Renate. Potsdam is a historic city in the nearby state of Brandenburg. The city was built by the Prussians which features some very regal palaces, parks, and villas. The Havel river runs through the area, too, so the buildings have a lush, green backdrop.

Source: Luloveshandmade

Source: Luloveshandmade

To enter Potsdam you cross over the Glenicker Brücke bridge (top right corner of the map above). Some of you might have seen this famous bridge in the movie Bridge of Spies starring Tom Hanks (a great movie if you haven't seen it already - rated 91% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes!) where there were many political exchanges during the Cold War.

Barberini Museum


Karl Knaths, Deer in the Sunset.

Walt Kuhn, Plumes & John Sloan, Clown Making Up

Edward Hopper, Isolation

William Glackens, Bathers at Bellpoint.

Josef Albers, Homage to the Square: Temprano.

Ernest Lawson, Spring Night, Harlem RIver.

Interestingly enough, while the drawing names of the exhibit where the Hopper and Rothko, there were only two Hoppers and one Rothko. I would also argue that many of the other artworks stole the show *GASP!* like John Sloan, George Bellows, and William Glackens (from the Ash Can School), a playful, little Alexander Calder mobile, and a Josef Albers color study.

I noticed that the female artist representation was definitely lacking in this exhibtion - there were a couple (cliche IMO) O'Keeffe pieces and one Helen Frankenthaler, but I think that was it out of three whole floors of exhibition space. Still a long road for equal representation, ladies! *end feminist rant*

Holländisches Viertel | Dutch Quarter

After our museum time, we were ready for lunch. We headed to the Holländisches Viertel, or Dutch Quarter, of Potsdam. This neighborhood of Potsdam features the largest collection of Dutch-style houses outside of the Netherlands. 

During the mid-18th century, this area of Germany was in dire need of qualified craftsmen. Frederick William I, the King of Prussia, had these brick buildings erected so that those coming from Holland would feel at home after moving to Potsdam. Today they make for a very charming area of town filled with boutiques, antique shops cafes, and restaurants. 

We popped into La Maison du Chocolat for lunch. This spot is known for their authentic hot chocolate, but they also serve a full menu that features seasonal, fresh produce sources from the weekend farmer's market. I had a delicious house-made Tagliatelle pasta dish with Pfefferling (chanterelle) mushrooms, that are in season right now, tomatoes, a little Speck (German bacon) for seasoning, and topped with a generous arugula salad. I could eat that dish again and again - just perfect!

I'll definitely be headed back to Potsdam - the Botanical Garden and the Sanssouci Park and Palace are still on my list to visit!