Julien Breton: Calligraphic Light Painting

Julien Breton

Calligraphic Light Painting

La beauté. The beauty. Arabic calligraphy. Tetouan, Morocco, 2015. Calligraphy by Julien Breton aka Kaalam. Photography by Cisco Light-painting

Julien Breton is a french artist, also known as Kaalam, who grew up surrounded by Arab culture, which greatly influenced his artistic career. The dynamic nature of Arabic calligraphy captured Breton’s attention and he has been exploring the movement and poetic nature of the written and abstract form of this written language ever since. Long-exposure photography captures Breton’s light and movement in front on unique backdrops all over the world. Although it is hard to believe, Breton nor the photographers digitally retouch any of their work.

The dynamic and glowing attributes to these still images, still invoke the movements Breton used to draw the light which is captured in each photograph. I like Breton, am captivated by the Arabic calligraphic form that dances and floats through the buildings and along or above the cityscapes on which he paints them with light.

Fraternité. Arabic calligraphy. Alexandria, Egypt, 2015.

Julien Breton. Photo by Davide DiTria