German International School Portland

As an employee of the German International School, I designed several pieces of collateral utilized at the school for logowear and marketing purposes. Below you will see two t-shirts and a business card I designed to fit within the school's brand architecture.  

This shirt was designed for the active members of our school's community. The creative brief  wanted a dynamic visual to compliment both our school's branding and messaging.

These business card were designed to showcase a first impression that is both professional and friendly, just like the team of administrators and teachers at the German International School. The addition of the "Guten Tag!" speech bubble is also an opportunity for cultural exchange and knowledge. 

Kindersommer is the Summer Camp Program at the German International School. While the parent-body of the school knows what this German word means, we wanted to appeal to the general public as well. The Kindersommer logo acts as a graphic visualization of what Kindersommer is.